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Janessa Leone Hats

Posted on October 08, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Our brand spotlight this week is on one of our favorite designers Janessa Leone. She is a true artist and craftsman. Her brand is nostalgic and familiar, yet it is fresh and new all at the same time. She is somewhat of a contradiction focusing on structure as well as fluidity, and she mixes masculine and feminine creating perfectly androgynous styles. 

Janessa Leone is based out of LA. She makes hats that you can be proud of and that will age and wear with time in the most perfect way. She mixes high quality leathers and wool and chooses rich colors that always look luxurious. Her attention to detail is impeccable and each hat is truly a piece of art in their own right. 

Hennin Headwear was built around showcasing brands like Janessa's and we are dedicated to hand picking styles that are unique and really stand out above the rest. We know that you can perhaps get a little old hat anywhere but can you find a hat that was hand crafted and built to last? Now you can..with us! 

Here are some of our favorites:

Janessa Leone Gabrielle Fedora Janessa Leone Stephen Fedora Janessa Leone Savoy Fedora

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