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How to Care For Your Hat

Posted on October 12, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

So you just purchased a hat and you have been wearing it everyday of the week (as you should because it looks damn cute on you), and you are wondering how in the world you are supposed to keep this hat clean? Well you are in luck because we have some tips on how to care for your hat and keep it for years to come.

The majority of the hats we offer are 100% wool felt which is a fabric that is durable and made to last, but must be cared for properly. Everyday care is something you need to consider like where you are storing your hat and how you are handling it. Hats should be stored in a box or on a hanger or hook to maintain the shape. We like to stuff the crown with tissue paper and store the hat upside down so the brim does not warp. You should never pick up a hat by the crown because overtime this can cause the hat to bend or even crack and this will also help to maintain the shape of the hat.

In order to keep your new hat clean you should purchase a hat brush (we picked one up on Amazon for $8.99). The bristles on a hat brush are usually made of horse hair which is abrasive enough to remove dirt and lint but soft enough to not cause any rips or tears in the felt. You want to make sure that you are brushing in short directional strokes. We also recommend to use a lint brush to remove dust or particles left behind by the brush. To remove stains you can dampen a cloth and wipe the hat don't rub or over saturate the hat. This procedure will work for any wool hat whether it is a floppy, bolero, or a fedora. For tough set in stains we recommend consulting a professional. 

We know that our hats are not cheap, therefore care and storage are so important to maintain the integrity. So enjoy your purchase girl, and go ahead wear that hat every damn day!


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