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How to Wear a Big Floppy Hat in the Fall

Posted on November 09, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Floppy hats come in wide range of fabrics and sizes, and can be worn all year round. This fall we have curated our favorite wool felt floppy hats from Lovely Bird. Many people struggle with wearing this style hat in the fall, but it is totally appropriate, therefore we wanted to break down our do's and don'ts for wearing a big floppy hat in the fall.


  1. Commit to a fall inspired look from head to toe
  2. Wear color
  3. Wear your in a low hairstyle. (Check out our picks for top 3 hairstyles in a hat)
  4. Wear wool felt or suede


  1. Stay away from straw or paper hats 
  2. Don't try to match. We always think you should be thoughtful with your color and pattern choices, but we can't stand when people match their bag to their shoes to their shirt. A hat should be a unique accessory that stands on it's own.

 So go for it and buy yourself that wool felt big floppy hat you have been eyeing. This style hat can carry you through the winter, and will be something you have for years to come.

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