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Our Top 3 Favorite Janessa Leone Hats

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

We can't get enough of Janessa Leone hats, and we go bananas over every single style from the Dark Horse collection. We have stocked up on our favorites and wanted to highlight our top 3 for you. Each style is unique with a different name, fit, and design.

 The Amelia fedora in navy is our number one favorite and our JL best seller. This style is luxurious and ambiguous as it skirts the gender specific line. The Amelia can be worn by men and women and look equally appropriate and hip on whomever. The fit is easy and can take you from day to night. The leather band in beige adds a pop of color and texture to the hat.
 The Savoy fedora is a fan favorite. This hat is truly Indiana Jones chic, and can instantly turn you into an explorer of your own life. Their is a beautiful gold bar that wraps halfway around the hat and adds a feminine touch to the traditional hat. 
The Stephen fedora is amazing and our vote for most unique style. The fit is a tighter one, and the hat sits snug on your head. Over time the fit gets looser, but it will always look sharp and chic. The brim has an upward flare which is fun and flirty. The gold bar is affixed to the hat with an elastic band. We love pairing this hat with a leather jacket for a structured and sexy look.

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