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Boater Hats Are So In

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

You heard right, boater hats are so in! Mark our words summer 2015 will be all about boaters.  With all of the snow in NY we are dying for those long days on the beach scorching our skin under the hot sun. To get us just a little bit closer to our favorite season we added our first selection of boater hats on the site. 

These hats are perfect for any head shape and hair length. It's just enough to shade the sun, but let's be honest we wear it for the fashion. Our newest brand 66TheLabel is from Australia and they know beach babe fashion. The best part about these boaters are that they are made from a soft straw so they can go easily go in and out of your beach bag without wrinkling or losing shape. They are also the perfect travel hat .

If you want to look super cute on the beach, at the racetrack, out at sea, or really anywhere then add a boater to your wardrobe. We dare you!


Boater Hat

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