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What Not To Wear: Day Wedding Edition

Posted on February 04, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

So you're invited to your first day wedding, and you're probably wondering what in the world do I wear? So while you sift through the racks at Lord & Taylor and work on your new Pinterest board we decided to give you a quick rundown of what NOT to wear to a day affair. 

1. Jumpsuits. Day weddings are not a green light for casual attire. Jumpsuits are definitely appropriate for brunches, bridal showers, and shopping trips but they are not okay to wear to a wedding day or night. Just because they were a fall trend and Forever 21 threw up jumpsuits doesn't mean that you should be wearing one.


2. Boots. There is something so wrong about a girl in a nice dress and boots while at a wedding. The worst is when someone pairs a chic dress with clunky boots that have buckles and zippers. Please ladies stay away from falling victim to boots and dresses when at a wedding. It is okay to wear flats to a day wedding but definitely no boots. 


3. Pattern Stockings. Don't get us wrong this could be a cute trend for the office or a dinner out, but if you are invited to a day wedding this is just plain tacky. If it is a winter day wedding, and you need to wear stockings then go with nude or black. You are a guest, and there is no need to steal looks away from the bride because if you wear them I guarantee everyone will be looking at you. 


4. Red Lips. may be saying no we disagree with you, but hear us out. Red lips are extremely fun and there is a time and place for them, but it is definitely not day wedding appropriate. Red lips can come off as trashy and when worn during a daytime affair it just doesn't feel right. If you MUST wear red lipstick then go with a matte red not lips

There you have a rundown on what NOT to wear to your next day wedding. We say keep it simple not casual. Choose an outfit that makes you look classy and timeless, and doesn't attract any negative attention. You can't go wrong with a plain or printed shift or sheath dress.


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