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In With the Old: Customize Your Old Hat With a Flower Crown

Posted on February 14, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

We decided to launch a new segment on our blog called "In With the Old" where we share tips and ideas on how to reuse and revamp old garbs. If your closet is overflowing with clothes, and you claim you have nothing to wear, then consider this segment your savior!

In this weeks edition of "In With the Old" we share a tip on how to take an old hat and make it new again. We are hat enthusiasts, obviously, and our collection grows by double digits every year. Our hats have stories to tell, and have been around the world with us therefore it is always so hard to part with any. Since we do not want to throw these hats away we came up with a way to make them unique and new again.

First we purchased a flower crown.  Personally we are obsessed with Flower Gypsies crowns because they are handmade and come in beautiful colors, sizes, and prices range from $30-$45. We placed the flower crown around the base of the hat and tied it around tightly, and VOILA we had a totally new hat!

So if you have a stockpile of hats that are unworn and unloved, try this inexpensive tip to revive your collection.

 Flower Crown Around a Hat


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