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Throwback Thursday: 1990's Fashion

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

I am a product of the 80's, but there is no doubt I am a true 90's kid at heart. There is something special about the decade that spawned things like The Spice Girls and Troll Dolls. My very first memories of fashion are from the 90's when scrunchies, big socks, and colorful leggings were part of my everyday uniform. If you are like me and harken back to the days of Saved By The Bell then this throwback is for you.



Bucket Hats (and Sister Sister of course)

Sister Sister

T-Shirt Clips

T-Shirt Clips

Fanny Packs

Fanny Pack

Mood Rings

Mood Rings



Starter Jackets (did you have a half zip or full zip?)

Starter Jackets



Platform Shoes

Platform Sneakers


What are some of your favorite trends from the 90's? Share with us!

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