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Bridal Shower Non-Registry Gift Ideas

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Are you going to a bridal shower and you just don't want to give one of those lame blenders that are on that Bed Bath & Beyond registry? Well let me be honest because I don't want to.

I have racked my brain trying to come up with a cute practical gift that is appropriate yet different so I wanted to share my own journey and some ideas for non-registry gifts.

 A Homemade Basket of Wedding Day Essentials: If you are a DIY queen or love being creative than this is the gift idea for you. Look to include things that the bride can use on her wedding day and long after.  I am obsessed with this cute makeup/lipstick case from Nordstrom.  In addition to this cute case, I would look to include a really cute headband that she can throw on while getting her makeup done the day of. In addition these Wine Wipes make such a practical add, and she will definitely want to keep her pearly whites shining all day long.

Lipstick CaseHeadbandsWine Wipes

PJ's: PJ's are perfect for her bachelorette weekend, but let's be honest they are perfect for EVERY occasion. Look to give a PJ set in a really fun pattern that she will feel cute staying up all night in. I love all of these styles from Victoria's Secret.  

pj set

Bathrobe:  A bathrobe is one of those gifts that the bride really wants, but doesn't necessarily want to ask for. I am not a fan of a bathrobe that screams BRIDE TO BE in rhinestones because that is just a one time wear (and it is super tacky), but I love this robe by Stone Cold Fox because it is AMAZING. The crochet lace detail will make her feel like Bridget Bardot every time she wears it.


Spa Day:  Because everyone needs a massage! 

Honeymoon Essentials: This is another DIY idea.  I would use a beach bag as a vessel, and fill it with fun goodies like flip flops, a hat, to-go cups, lip balm, sunglasses, a beach blanket, and portable speaker.


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