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Hats For Big Headed Fashionistas

Posted on March 01, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Are you a fashionista dying to wear a hat, but scared to pull the trigger because of your big head? Well stress no more because we've got you covered. One of the most common reasons why people don't wear hats is because they fear their head is just too big, but perhaps you aren't choosing the right brand or style hat to flatter your dome piece. 

For big heads we recommend a non-structured hat, and by non-structured we mean a hat that does not have a reinforced shape or rigid feel. Wool felt is the best material to go with and can be manipulated and folded without being damaged due to it's soft hand feel. Lovely Bird hats are specifically made for big heads, and are flexible allowing the hat to form to the head perfectly.

In addition to a non-structured style hat, big headed babes should look to wear fedoras and not floppy hats. Floppy hats can look overbearing on a big head, and fedoras will be sure to make you look purposeful and fashion forward. A shorter brim will also be more flattering on your large cranium.

Hats look good on everyone, trust us. We know that big headed girls need love too, and that is why we curate brands for all head sizes.


 Lovely Bird FedoraLovely Bird FedoraLovely Bird Fedorafedora


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Boater Hats Are So In

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

You heard right, boater hats are so in! Mark our words summer 2015 will be all about boaters.  With all of the snow in NY we are dying for those long days on the beach scorching our skin under the hot sun. To get us just a little bit closer to our favorite season we added our first selection of boater hats on the site. 

These hats are perfect for any head shape and hair length. It's just enough to shade the sun, but let's be honest we wear it for the fashion. Our newest brand 66TheLabel is from Australia and they know beach babe fashion. The best part about these boaters are that they are made from a soft straw so they can go easily go in and out of your beach bag without wrinkling or losing shape. They are also the perfect travel hat .

If you want to look super cute on the beach, at the racetrack, out at sea, or really anywhere then add a boater to your wardrobe. We dare you!


Boater Hat

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Our Top 3 Favorite Janessa Leone Hats

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

We can't get enough of Janessa Leone hats, and we go bananas over every single style from the Dark Horse collection. We have stocked up on our favorites and wanted to highlight our top 3 for you. Each style is unique with a different name, fit, and design.

 The Amelia fedora in navy is our number one favorite and our JL best seller. This style is luxurious and ambiguous as it skirts the gender specific line. The Amelia can be worn by men and women and look equally appropriate and hip on whomever. The fit is easy and can take you from day to night. The leather band in beige adds a pop of color and texture to the hat.
 The Savoy fedora is a fan favorite. This hat is truly Indiana Jones chic, and can instantly turn you into an explorer of your own life. Their is a beautiful gold bar that wraps halfway around the hat and adds a feminine touch to the traditional hat. 
The Stephen fedora is amazing and our vote for most unique style. The fit is a tighter one, and the hat sits snug on your head. Over time the fit gets looser, but it will always look sharp and chic. The brim has an upward flare which is fun and flirty. The gold bar is affixed to the hat with an elastic band. We love pairing this hat with a leather jacket for a structured and sexy look.

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A Guide to Cold Weather Accessories

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Brr it is getting cold in NYC, and beanies, scarves, and gloves will soon become a part of our uniform. Although we are a collector of these accessories, and have drawers dedicated to them, we always like to have a guide to buying that 1 perfect piece from each category that can carry us through the winter. Here are our picks for this years cold weather accessory must haves.

Hat: No matter where you live, whether it is Chicago, NYC, or San Francisco the coming months are going to get chilly, and your ears and head will feel it for sure! A hat must have this winter is the perfect knit beanie. We love our pom pom slouchy beanie, and for $24.00 it is a steal. We love to cover our ears and wear it slouchy with our hair down. This is a staple piece and go to for us.

Scarf: It is all about the over sized wrap scarf this year. We love this because it is so versatile and cozy. Choose a fun pattern for the winter. Plaids and Aztec prints are really hot right now. We are living in a jacquard scarf from Zara. Wrap it around your neck, wear it across your body, or draped around your shoulders, the possibilities are endless.

Gloves: You can not go wrong with a really great pair of leather gloves. These are not only an investment piece but really look so chic on. Leather gloves can be expensive so if it is not in your budget right now than go for faux leather. We love this pair from H&M at only $24.95 it definitely wont break the bank, but will keep your little fingers warm for sure.

If you are like us than you buy these products any chance you get because you know that a hat or scarf can take your outfit to a whole new level. If you have not started your collection, than follow our guide to building a great base in your wardrobe. Remember that staying warm this winter can be done in fashion!

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How to Wear a Big Floppy Hat in the Fall

Posted on November 09, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Floppy hats come in wide range of fabrics and sizes, and can be worn all year round. This fall we have curated our favorite wool felt floppy hats from Lovely Bird. Many people struggle with wearing this style hat in the fall, but it is totally appropriate, therefore we wanted to break down our do's and don'ts for wearing a big floppy hat in the fall.


  1. Commit to a fall inspired look from head to toe
  2. Wear color
  3. Wear your in a low hairstyle. (Check out our picks for top 3 hairstyles in a hat)
  4. Wear wool felt or suede


  1. Stay away from straw or paper hats 
  2. Don't try to match. We always think you should be thoughtful with your color and pattern choices, but we can't stand when people match their bag to their shoes to their shirt. A hat should be a unique accessory that stands on it's own.

 So go for it and buy yourself that wool felt big floppy hat you have been eyeing. This style hat can carry you through the winter, and will be something you have for years to come.

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3 Ways to Wear Your Hair in a Hat

Posted on November 07, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

We love wearing hats, obviously, but getting your hair to look just right while rocking one can be a daunting task. We decided to share our top 3 hairstyles for ultimate hat wearing perfection. There are many hats that you can wear such as fedoras, boleros, snapbacks, beanies, and floppy hats therefore we picked the most versatile hairstyles that look great with any style. 

1. Beach Waves / Loose Curls

 This is our favorite way to wear our hair for sure. If you have pin straight hair like we do then this can be achieved by using a curling wand or curling iron. We like to air dry our hair and spray it with dry shampoo to give it a bit of texture. Separate your hair into sections, we like to use bigger sections for a loose and full body curl. Wrap your hair around the wand or curing iron holding the ends, and curling away from your face. We recommend wrapping your hair around the entire barrel, and not just the center. Wait around 3 seconds, and release. After we have curled our entire head we like to flip our hair over and run our fingers through very delicately for a fresh beach look, put on your hat and voila!

2. Low Messy Bun

This is such an easy hairstyle to wear with any hat. We especially love this style with a snapback or beanie. We like the way our hair looks in a messy bun when we have gone a day or 2 without washing. First we put our hair into a low pony tail at the base of our head and separate the pony into 3 sections, and begin to back tease each section of hair for volume with a bristle brush. We then pin pieces using bobby pins in opposite directions around the pony tail , and leave the ends loose for a natural look.

3. Braid / Fishtail Braid

This is the ultimate boho babe hairstyle and looks amazing with any hat. Fishtail braids seem intimidating and hard to achieve but once you master it you wont want to wear your hair any other way. We like to put our hair in a low pony tail slightly to the side and separate into 2 sections. You literally weave the hair back and forth grabbing smaller sections from the outside. A traditional braid will work as well but make sure that you make it as loose as possible. 

Choosing any of these 3 hairstyles will ensure that your look is truly complete. No matter what hat you feel like wearing for the day make sure to always wear a smile!

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Janessa Leone Gabrielle Bolero

Posted on November 04, 2014 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Hold the phone this is our favorite hat right now! The Janessa Leone Gabrielle bolero is by far a work of art and is sure to stop traffic when you are rocking it. We love a good bolero because it is retro and hip, and adds instant style to your look. 

The Gabrielle is made of the finest wool felt and is hand made in LA by hat maven Janessa Leone. There is a black lambskin leather trim with a small gold screw closure for decoration only. We chose to stock one size because we believe the 21" circumference can be worn by any head shape/size because of the versatility of the hat. 

We know you have a serious collection of shoes, bags, and jewelry so why not start a collection of insanely beautiful hats. If your collection of hats is weak do not worry because this is the hat that is sure to kick start your love for these adornments. 


Janessa Leone Gabrielle BoleroJanessa Leone Gabrielle Bolero

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