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Spring Cleaning: Rules on What to Toss

Posted on February 28, 2015 by Hennin Headwear | 0 Comments

Messy Closet

Spring cleaning anyone? I know it feels like we have entered the ice age outside, but spring is upon us, and it's about that time to clean out your closet. Spring cleaning is not only a great activity (and an acceptable form of exercise), it is sure to keep you inside and out of the cold.

Call me weird, but I look forward to this every year, and I literally get school girl giddy at the thought of organizing my closet. So I am channeling all of my excitement into this blog post where I break down the rules on what to toss.

Rules to Toss (or Donate):

1.  You haven't worn it in a year. Most people will say if you haven't worn it in 6 months then you should toss it, but let's face it we know that you couldn't possibly make the rounds through your entire wardrobe in just 6 months so I say let's extend that rule of thumb to a year. 

2. It still has tags on it, and you haven't worn it in a year. Guilty as charged. I am one of those girls that has many items with tags in her closet just taking up space and accumulating dust. If you bought it and you thought you just had to have it, then why the hell didn't you wear it? You know that feeling when you buy something and you can't wait to rip the tags off it, well that is clearly not how you felt about this one. Donate this item for sure.

3. Every time you try it on you say "I won't wear this tonight, but I definitely will next time" or "Yeah not tonight." Come on girl you know what I am talking about. Spring cleaning is your time to come to grips with reality, and just realize that you saying "yeah not tonight" really means "yeah not ever."

4. "I just need to lose 5 more lbs." You've said it, I've said it, she's said it. It is important to dress for your body now, and not for how you want it to be. You need to make room in your closet for clothes that are going to make you feel good, and that fit who you are at this very moment. 

5. It's a trendy piece you picked up at Forever 21 when you were in your club hopping stage. I am talking to the 21-27 year old you who spent your nights out at the bars, and spent $15 here and $25 there on shitty Forever 21 clothing. That awful royal blue peplum top and hideous Lycra jumpsuit need to go. Start spending money on timeless basics like a James Perse tee, a Theory cashmere sweater, or a Helmut Lang structured top.

Remember the more you toss (or donate) the more room you'll have for this seasons must haves!


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